Faculty of Arts

Dear Students,
Welcome to the Faculty of Fine Arts at World Peace University. Our faculty offers you a modern, innovative, and dynamic education. Here you will find a creative, dedicated, artistic and well-resourced community in a peaceful and friendly environment. Our faculty is comprised of art and design professionals and scholars who keep their careers at the forefront of art and industry trends and work enthusiastically to expand students’ skills and deepen their artistic perspectives.
The departments under the roof of our faculty are highly-equipped with both modern technologies and facilities for traditional production techniques. Among the workshops where our applied courses are taking place are design and drawing studios, computer Labs, printmaking studios, ceramics, Sculpture and paper Workshops, and interdisciplinary studios. On the other hand, our classrooms where our theoretical courses are conducted are equipped with all kinds of technological requirements.
Our main goal is to help our students and academics reveal their full potentials. The academic programs of all departments are designed specifically to provide students with knowledge of creative work in the context of the globalized and digitalized world, and also to help them adopt critical thinking, value innovative and creative ideas, and transform these creative ideas into practice.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Keçeci Malyalı

Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design

The Faculty of Arts seeks to compete in the field of art, design and research creativity to develop the environment and serve the community locally and internationally. Besides these, in light of the fifth-generation university philosophy, our faculty’s vision is to reach the highest level of advanced contemporary education and innovative technological infrastructure. Lastly,
based on the unifying and liberating notions of art and design, our faculty maintains an education approach that supports world peace.


The mission of the Faculty of Arts is to provide students with fifth-generation quality training in arts and design. The faculty endeavours to equip excellent educational programs to prepare a graduate with innovative and creative skills in art and design. The faculty also seeks to present the students with opportunities, resources, and awards to achieve excellence in their respective
disciplines. Eventually, one of the most critical missions of The Faculty of Arts is also to be a catalyst for positive change in the local community, the state, the nation, and the world.