Rector’s Message


Rector’s Message

The World Peace University, which is newly established with the mission of helping the economic, social, cultural and intellectual development of the region and country; aims to be a vigorous, young, energetic, proactive and innovative University.

It also aims to use the information and knowledge it produces and share this on the basis of peace, prosperity and tranquility in the scientific world in order to increase the universal values ​​of humanity at local, national, international, glocal and global levels. Accordingly, our goal is to provide added value to our students with a world-class education.

Our university is already experiencing the excitement of meeting its students with its young and dynamic academic staff, who are educated at international standards and are ready to share their experiences.

Setting out with the goal of being a fifth generation university, the World Peace University acts with the awareness of exhibiting a proactive behaviour in line with the requirements of this generation and sees the Island of Cyprus as a center of peace-based scientific production.

We are ready to introduce the Z generation youth with science bringing the new generations who are at peace with themselves, their university, their country and with the world. With the words of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, PEACE AT HOME PEACE IN THE WORLD.

Warm Regards,


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan