The WPU English Preparatory program is a must for those who are unable to pass the English Proficiency test or an equivalent internationally recognized test. The results of the English Preparatory test will determine your English proficiency level and thus, the course you will take for that semester.
The WPU English Preparatory School follows a learning programme based on the levels of the Global English Scale (A1, A2, B1, B1+) implementing 21st century skills and topics infusing critical and analytical thinking, collaboration and cooperation, reflection and corrective feedback to enhance students’ higher-order thinking skills and to develop your English skills, minds and mentalities to accommodate you in this new era.
The English Preparatory School Program consists of two academic terms (depending on your proficiency). In the first term, you will encounter the levels of A1 and A2 while in the second term, you will be equipped you the B1 and B1+ levels indicated on the Global English Scale. Following the Global English Scale, will enable students to score a satisfactory level in the Pearson Test Examination (PTE) and gain an internationally recognized certificate (badge).