Psychology Bachelor’s Program
In the Psychology Bachelor’s Program, the aim is to train teachers for primary and secondary education levels and to cultivate professionals in various settings through the Psychology Program. The goal is to educate individuals who can plan, design, implement, and evaluate knowledge in the field of psychological counseling for educational services. Additionally, the program aims to prepare students to conduct research and projects related to psychological counseling and organize scientific meetings in this area.
The objective of the Psychology Department at World Peace University is to equip students with theoretical and applied academic programs, enabling them to enter their professional careers with competence. The department strives to motivate students to engage in lifelong learning, apply ethical principles, contribute to the field of psychology through scientific research, and serve our community.
The core mission of the Psychology Department is to produce psychologists and researchers who are curious, critical thinkers, proficient in knowledge generation and effective utilization, skilled in applying professional methods, and committed to ethical principles in the field of psychology. Accordingly, the Psychology Bachelor’s Program consists of 43 courses, with 60% dedicated to foundational courses in the field, 18% to relevant education, 17.4% to field-specific electives, and 4.6% to non-field-specific electives.