Nursing (English Programme)

The Faculty Health Sciences, Nursing educational programme aims to educate contemporary students who will implement and sustain evidence-based practises that improve and develop individual and community health, respond to the needs of our country, adapt to changing conditions and evolving technologies, implement the philosophy of contemporary education with professional and applied courses (Fundamentals of Nursing , Nursing in Internal Medicine, Nursing in Surgical Diseases, Nursing in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Nursing in Child Health and Diseases, Nursing in Psychiatry, Nursing in Public Health, Teaching in Nursing and Management in Nursing) together with basic science courses (anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, etc.), and a specialisation in the field of nursing). In addition, in the final year there is a one-year internship programme that includes all professional courses and projects prepared in collaboration with the school’s teaching staff. Those who successfully complete this programme are awarded a Bachelor’s degree.

Nursing is an applied health discipline concerned with the state of health of the individual, the family and society. It deals with the recognition of the human being and the care and applications that the person experiences in the course of his or her life and needs in health/illness situations. According to the definition given by the THD (Turkish Nurses Association) Education Commission in 1981, “Nursing is a health discipline consisting of science and art responsible for the planning, organisation, implementation, assessment and evaluation of nursing services in order to protect, develop and improve the health and well-being of the individual, family and society and to improve them in case of illness, as well as for the education of these people”. In addition to their duties of “caring” and “contributing to the treatment plan”, nurses also have duties such as “creating a safe and healthy environment”, “education”, “counselling”, “research”, “management”, “quality improvement”, “collaboration” and “communication”.

Our department has a very wide range of job opportunities and all healthcare institutions and organisations, corporate nursing, the pharmaceutical industry, home care services and preventive healthcare services, private and public institutions and organisations have employment opportunities in various positions in the management levels of hospitals.

The program is a four-year program, two semesters per year, and the mode of study is full-time. The Nursing curriculum has a total of 146 credits and 240 ECTS.


The aim of this programme is to train nurses who are scientifically, culturally and socially equipped in line with the needs of society, who value human rights and ethical values, who think critically, who have effective communication, problem-solving and research skills, who offer the services and technologies they produce for the benefit of society, who are qualified and humanistic, and who pursue national and international professional development.



Protect and improve the health of society by educating nurses who believe in scientific freedom and are equipped with the nursing knowledge and skills to provide reliable, high-quality care.

Nursing Program Educational Objectives:

Our Nursing Programme provides excellent learning experiences to develop successful nurses in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare. Our programme prepares students to:

  1. To produce nurses who have acquired a scientific understanding and can transform their knowledge into skills, equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive and contemporary nursing services in healthcare institutions in Northern Cyprus, Turkey, and other third countries.
  2. To educate manpower with the capability to conduct research and investigations in the field of nursing within a scientific framework.
  3. To train nurses who possess the consciousness to improve public health, ensuring the development and coordination of the College and the ability to educate the public on issues required by the institutions and organizations in the country.

Nursing Program Outcomes:

Based on the industry and students’ expectations, graduates of the program are expected to demonstrate:

  1. Practises the development, maintenance, treatment and restoration of individual, family and community health.
  2. Demonstrates a humanistic and holistic approach to care.
  3. Employs critical thinking and problem solving approaches.
  4. Utilises knowledge from nursing science and the biological, social and behavioural sciences.
  5. Adheres to nursing values and ethical principles.
  6. Assumes teamwork.
  7. Employs effective communication skills.
  8. Applies total quality principles.
  9. Becomes a role model and pioneers change.
  10. Embraces lifelong learning and continuous development.
  11. Demonstrates leadership and management skills.
  12. Carries out educational activities.
  13. Participates in scientific research.
  14. Demonstrates sensitivity to public health issues.
  15. Acquires individual decision-making skills in professional life.


Course Code Course Name Course Category Credit Pre-requisite
ANAT101 Introduction to Anatomy and Histology FC 3 0 3 6
PHYS101 Physiology FC 3 0 3 6
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology NFC 3 0 3 6
WENG101 Academic English I UC 3 0 3 6
WTUR101 Turkish I UC 2 0 2 2
WATA101 Principles of Atatürk I UC 2 0 2 2
WICT101 Introduction to Information Technologies  I UC 0 2 1 2
NURS102 Fundamentals of Nursing I DC 8 8 12 12  
BIOL102 Microbiology and Parasitology NFC 1 2 3 6  
WENG102 Academic English II UC 3 0 3 6 WENG101
WTUR102 Turkish II UC 2 0 2 2 WTUR101
WATA102 Principles of Atatürk II UC 2 0 2 2 WATA101
WICT102 Introduction to Information Technologies  II UC 0 2 1 2 WICT101
NURS102 Fundamentals of Nursing I DC 8 8 12 12  
BIOL201 Biochemistry NFC 3 0 3 6
PATH201 Physiopathology NFC 3 0 3 6
WETH201 Principles of Ethics UC 3 0 3 6
NURS201 Medical Nursing DC 8 8 12 12


Course Code Course Name Course Category Credit Pre-requisite
PHAR202 General Pharmacology NFC 3 0 3 6  
DIET202 Principles Of Nutrition NFC 3 0 3 6  
NURS204 Surgical Nursing DC 8 8 12 12  
NURSXXX Departmental Elective DE 3 0 3 6  
NURS301 Nursing For Women’s Health And Diseases DC 3 0 3 6  
NURS303 Nursing For Infectious Diseases DC 3 0 3 6  
NURS305 Oncology Nursing DC 3 0 3 6  
RMHS201 Research Methods for Health Sciences FC 3 0 3 6  
NURSXXX Departmental Elective DE 3 0 3 6  
NURS302 Epidemiology for Nursing DC 3 0 3 6
NURS304 Nursing For Children’s Health And Diseases DC 8 8 12 12
NURS306 Teaching in Nursing DC 3 0 3 6
NURS308 Geriatric Nursing DC 3 0 3 6


Course Code Course Name Course Category Credit Pre-requisite
PLAA401 Art Studio III DC 4 4 6 6 PLAA302
NURS403 Summer Internship I DC 0 0 0 6  
NURS405 Summer Internship II DC 0 0 0 6  
NURS407 Public Health Nursing DC 8 8 12 12  
NURS409 Management and Leadership in Nursing DC 3 0 3 6  
NURS402 Intern          DC 0 24 12 12  
NURS498 Graduation Project DC 0 4 2 6  
NURSXXX Department Elective DE 3 0 3 6  
NURSXXX Department Elective DE 3 0 3 6  

Head of Department (acting): Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemal Yorgancıoğlu


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Address: Sht.Kemal Ali Omer Street, No: 22, Yenisehir, Nicosia, TRNC, Mersin 10 Turkey.