Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts seeks to compete in the field of art, design and research creativity to
develop the environment and serve the community locally and internationally. Besides these, in
light of the fifth-generation university philosophy, our faculty's vision is to reach the highest
level of advanced contemporary education and innovative technological infrastructure. Lastly,
based on the unifying and liberating notions of art and design, our faculty maintains an
education approach that supports world peace.


The mission of the Faculty of Arts is to provide students with fifth-generation quality training in
arts and design. The faculty endeavours to equip excellent educational programs to prepare a
graduate with innovative and creative skills in art and design. The faculty also seeks to present
the students with opportunities, resources, and awards to achieve excellence in their respective
disciplines. Eventually, one of the most critical missions of The Faculty of Arts is also to be a
catalyst for positive change in the local community, the state, the nation, and the world.