Department of Nursing
The main purpose of the program is to provide undergraduate-level NURSING education and train nurses who comply with the internationally established qualifications, aiming to maintain, improve, and enhance the health of both healthy and ill individuals throughout their lifetime, and to enhance the quality of life. It also aims to offer education, training, research, and consultancy services based on science and technology, in accordance with international standards.
Through educational and instructional activities, the students are aimed to be trained for three main purposes:
• To produce nurses who have acquired a scientific understanding and can transform their knowledge into skills, equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive and contemporary nursing services in healthcare institutions in Northern Cyprus, Turkey, and other third countries.
• To educate manpower with the capability to conduct research and investigations in the field of nursing within a scientific framework.
• To train nurses who possess the consciousness to improve public health, ensuring the development and coordination of the College and the ability to educate the public on issues required by the institutions and organizations in the country.