Department of Management Information Systems
In today’s conditions, the importance of the concept of ‘Information Technology’ is accelerating due to various reasons such as globalization, widespread use of the internet, and the faster growth of technology-based economies. Despite crisis periods, the IT sector continues to expand, and technology-based applications are increasing day by day. Almost all businesses conduct numerous daily operations such as Personnel Management, Accounting, Cost Management, Sales Management, Inventory Control, and Production Planning through computer systems. The comprehensive or summary reports obtained from these operations provide a strong basis for executives’ forward-looking decision-making.

The program’s strengths based on internal and external evaluations include having a young and dynamic academic staff, communication, and solidarity among the academic personnel or staff, access to numerous journals online, a continuous increasing trend in the number of academic publications both at the international and national levels, and the aim of engaging in academic studies such as conferences together with other departments at the national and international levels.