Department of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering encompasses six main branches: “Structural Engineering,” “Construction Materials,” “Geotechnical Engineering,” “Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering,” “Transportation Engineering,” and “Construction Management.” Engineers specializing in these fields provide engineering services by participating in projects that fall within one or more of these main branches, aiming to find secure, economical, and comfortable solutions to society’s fundamental needs.

With the rapidly increasing demand for education in Civil Engineering in the evolving world, the World Peace University, a new and dynamic university progressing confidently towards being recognized as the “Island of Universities” in the world and especially in the neighboring region of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), plans to offer educational services to train construction engineers who will serve the community with an innovative vision and modern infrastructure, considering this rising demand.

The envisioned program’s vision is to educate construction engineers who will contribute positively to society and engineering science, possessing contemporary knowledge, foresight, research skills, and the ability to work at national and international levels. These engineers will have self-confidence, uphold ethical values, and have the capacity to make a difference.

In line with this vision, the intended program aims to provide education for future construction engineers who have exceptional academic abilities and numerical reasoning skills. These engineers will be systematic thinkers, successful in science (especially in mathematics and physics), responsible, meticulous, capable of planning and executing tasks, and proficient problem solvers. The goal is to nurture engineers who will utilize resources efficiently, produce the most economical and reliable solutions, and contribute to the country and society. Graduates of the program will be ready to take on roles in the public or private sector.

The program is designed to develop students’ abilities, foster creativity, and equip them with managerial qualities. It will enable them to keep up with and develop new technologies. Instruction in the Civil Engineering Department will be in English, and with this launch of education, young engineering candidates will receive specialized theoretical and practical training in structural analysis and design, construction materials, construction management, soil mechanics, hydraulic, and transportation engineering, considering contemporary global requirements. The aim is to produce high-quality graduates who will work as construction engineers in both private and public sectors.

The advantages for students in receiving education in English are numerous. They will have the opportunity to closely follow professional and technological developments on an international platform in Cyprus, Turkey, and the world, through accessing up-to-date sources and publications. After graduation, they can apply for job opportunities abroad and participate in international projects while practicing their profession in their own countries. Additionally, being taught in English will also enable students from other countries to benefit from the high-quality civil engineering undergraduate education offered by World Peace University.