The aims of the Centre for Continuing Education and Research (CCER) are to deliver all kinds of education and training programs, courses and seminars other than the degree programs given at World Peace University Nicosia and to certify these education programs on behalf of the University for the participation of all segments of society in the lifelong learning process; to provide consultancy services; to organize conferences, seminars and workshops to conduct theoretical and empirical research in various fields; to prepare national and international project proposals and to receive and manage projects; to publish various works within its field of activity; to make certification in some areas in accordance with national and international standards; and to organize studies to improve occupational standards in Northern Cyprus.

Our Centre aims to provide important educational and research services based on cooperation between the university and the private sector, public sector and civil society. We aspire to become the most important collaborative and interdisciplinary continuing education and research platform in Northern Cyprus. In line with the mission of our University, our goal is to increase the knowledge level of the society by focusing not only on formal education and academic research but also on non-formal education and policy-based research.

Who we are:
The academic and administrative staff of the CCER are the members of the World Peace University Nicosia who are engaged with the activities of the Centre. Our organization structure is composed of:
• Director
• Executive Board
• Consultative Board
• Commissions
• Secretary
• Assistant
All the other centres of the University function under CCER.

What we do:
The activities of the Centre are:
– to provide the knowledge, technology and opportunities of the University for the benefit of individuals on behalf of the University and to develop and implement these processes in order to contribute to all segments of the society;
– to carry out and coordinate various training, courses, seminars and consultancy services to the private sector, public sector and civil society;
– to organize and manage education and training programs, courses, seminars and certificate programs on behalf of the University within the framework of the lifelong learning objective;
– to obtain the copyrights of various national and international works/publications related to the fields of activity of the Centre and to print and sell them;
– to organize national or international workshops, seminars and conferences;
– to prepare (or get prepared) national and international projects and to manage the planning, execution and coordination processes of these projects;
– to conduct research and studies on the areas needed for all segments of the society and to prepare (or to get prepared) and publish their reports;
– to give or receive consultancy in all areas of expertise of the University;
– to cooperate with public institutions, public organizations, domestic or foreign universities, other educational institutions, certification bodies and consultancy firms in various social and educational areas;
– to ensure the management and coordination of other centres established within the University.