Dear candidate colleague,
Architecture is a profession which includes art and capability technologies that serve the basic needs of human life. It is learned by education, developing skills, experience and mastering practice.

The aim of the Undergraduate Program of the World Peace University, Department of Architecture is to educate architects who are capable of producing solutions at conceptual and operational levels, using architectural problems in the national and international context, using critical thinking methods, assimilating the level of contemporary development and aware of their social responsibilities. Existing Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture Programs are available in many universities and show significant similarities on a global scale, overlapping in content. World Peace University is entirely in line with the professional requirements and acceptance of the programs of accredited universities. Thus, the essential requirement of our accreditation process is provided.

Department graduates will receive the licence of “Bachelor of Architecture”. The education language is English. Architecture graduates can participate in private companies, offices and banks related to architectural design and construction processes and public institutions such as ministries, municipalities, universities and institutes and start their businesses. At World Peace University, the Bachelor of Architecture program aims to provide a first-rate education in addition to the theoretical knowledge at the forefront of its distinctive features. To this end, in the majority of the courses that will be given within the courses, efforts will be made to solve local and national problems, and they will be shared with related stakeholders in line with our university’s mission.
The academic staff and the technical infrastructure that will carry out the program are essential elements in the program’s success. Besides, the flexible and innovative program, prepared in line with the criteria stipulated by the target sectors and the course plans, will be improved by following professional, technological innovations, changes and developments. Beginning from the third semester, our students start to take elective courses besides the required courses for this branch. Elective courses in the third level are mostly Departmental Elective courses, which are aimed at strengthening the worldview of the student and providing pre-additional skills. Our other difference is the CO-OP application which has a real sense of university-industry- cooperation. Our program emphasizes real-sector cooperation and on-the-job training. For this reason, internship activities for students to gain experience in the field will be realized by the related sector-university cooperation. The Undergraduate Architecture Program will receive all kinds of academic and technical support from all the departments of the World Peace University, Graphics and Fine Arts Faculty and from the CO-OP Program.

Chair, Department of Architecture